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S4 Giubileo is the newly created company, controlled by Stegip4, chosen by the Vatican for the creation and distribution of the Official Pilgrim Backpack. An absolute novelty dedicated to the believers from all over the world who will travel to Rome in 2025.
For the concept of the whole kit, that consist in a backpack and a series of very useful eco-sustainable gadgets contained within it, the S4 Giubileo was able to count on the know-how of Stegip4.

Leading company in the development of low environmental impact merchandising projects.
For its part, S4 Giubileo is proud to be able to work on an event that spiritually, but also physically, involves millions of believers and lay people.

The brand that will join all the products that will be made for the occasion represents a walking pilgrim, symbol of the human and spiritual journey that everyone is called to undertake to rebuild a climate of hope and trust in the future.

The backpack and the entire kit that it contains, consisting in: wide-brimmed hat, scarf, water bottle, waterproof poncho, wrist rosary and much more, were made using recycled and eco-sustainable components. Each element, characterized by a unique design and absolute attention to detail, recalls the simplicity and joy of embarking on a unique journey.


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