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“Let's dress your passion!” is the motto of Stegip 4 Communication, this means giving life to an exclusive promotional item, not only realizing it but building a communication tailored to each customer.

To do this, it is essential to choose, in addition to the right item, the most suitable customization technique to correctly convey the message of a Brand and make it memorable.

Our know-how is expressed not only in the careful selection of gadgets, but also in the customization phase, thanks to an internal department of graphic design, which produces renders to allow the customer to view the final result before production. The gadgets we offer to our customers are always enriched by the logo and graphic elements in line with the coordinated image.

There are several customization techniques for promotional items:

  1. SERIGRAPHY, a technique in which the color is passed through a thin-weave frame directly on the surface of the gadget to customize. The ink is passed with a light pressure using a spatula. Serigraphy is one of the most popular printing techniques in the commercial sector and is widely used for printing images and graphics on materials such as plastic, nylon, fabric and metal.

  2. LASER is the technique that most of all leaves a permanent imprint on the object and gives a visual effect of great impact. Unlike serigraphy (only used on flat surfaces), the laser technique can also be used on uneven surfaces or difficult to reach corners of the object. We recommend laser customization for promotional pens, key-chains, usb sticks, wooden and glass gadgets.

  3. TAMPOGRAPHY, a customization technique able to reproduce - easily, quickly and with excellent results - logos and graphic elements. Using a soft and flexible buffer, the ink is transferred to the surface of the object to be customised. Tampography works like a real stamp, precise, sharp and quick. It’s the right customization method to reproduce images and graphics on any type of surface, whether flat or uneven. Tampography is also perfect for reproducing small prints.

  4. EMBROIDERY, a customization technique - generally used on promotional clothing - that allows us to enhance logos and decorations. The final result is very refined.

  5. TRANSFER, consists of a digital print on a sheet of paper prepared for hot transfer on the object, through a hot press that makes the printed support stick on the fabric. The transfer technique is particularly suitable for multicolour printing, as it allows you to limit the costs related to the customization of the gadget. Ideal for fabrics.

Stegip 4 Communication, depending on the type of gadget - according to the materials and the final use - carefully chooses the customization techniques best suited for a result that can enhance the meaning and message of the object.

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