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These last two years, which have seen us stuck at home, have changed the world of promotion, have changed the way we relate and the type of gadgets, but not the importance of the crossroads of trade fairs where you have to go to see the global orientation of the market.

We know, now more than ever, that human relationships in spite of online updates, are indispensable, especially for the relations that are established over the years between suppliers and customers.

In order to have direct contacts with producers, the Fairs still represent the connecting centers of all the companies that gravitate around this sector.

It is essential, to be always up to date and to establish new working relationships, to visit the most important fairs on business promotion, only in this way you can have a detailed overview of the pace of this market and in addition you can discover new manufacturers and new ideas to propose to your customers.

"Selling is a sacred trust between seller and buyer."

(Richie Norton)

Business promotion Fairs in Europe

Messe in Dussendorf, the Rema Day in Poland, the PTE in Milan (recently concluded), .

Among the most important fairs in Europe are the Messe in Dussendorf, the Rema Day in Poland, the PTE in Milan (recently concluded), crossroads of companies from all over the world and showcase of traditional and innovative promotional items of all kinds.

Canton Fair

Few fairs can be said to live up to the vastness of those that are organized annually in the Asian continent. One of them that cannot be missed is the Canton Fair, amongst the biggest and most important fairs held in China, an area of 1.18 million m² where there are countless producers and products of all types and makes: from the simple balloon to the latest technology. In this fair you can really find everything, not only copied products, as we are used to think, but also original and innovative design.

Do Not Forget

Three things must not be missing in the suitcase of the "cool hunter":

A business card, preferably digital to not impact too much on the environment, a large trolley where to insert the interesting products that you want to bring back but also, and above all, time to meet and talk with possible future suppliers.

Relationships that arise "vis-à-vis" are the most durable and reliable, you can test the validity of a product immediately and bargain the price instantly. By being able to have an overview of manufacturers and retailers, we can meet new realities that use trade fairs as a tool for advertising.

Let's get back to normality

Two years of pandemic have made use lazy, many people will use technological means to avoid moving but, if this is good from the point of view of consumption, it actually impoverishes us of relations "vis-à-vis" , that are fundamental to weave lasting human relationships, let's take advantage of these great events where we can meet new suppliers, exchange know-how and grow.

So, as soon as possible...let's get back to the Fairs!

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