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The brand dedicated to technical sportswear

Chi segue la Stegip conosce la sua spiccata vocazione sportiva, la società, oltre che specializzata nell’abbigliamento promozionale, da sempre sostiene sponsorizzandole organizzazioni sportive ed atleti.Who follows Stegip knows our strong sporting vocation; the company, as well as being specialized in promotional clothing, has always supported sports organizations and athletes by sponsoring them.

From this passion and the know-how acquired over the years, DAMB Sportswear was born, a brand that stands as reference for technical sportswear.

With DAMB SPORTSWEAR brand, STEGIP has taken a step forward by channeling its expertise into the specialist sportswear sector, where innovative materials, design and technology are of great importance.


The clothing to keep up with sportspeople

All DAMB SPORTSWEAR branded products are studied in detail to ensure that sportspeople are supported by their athletic skills as well as by a comfortable clothing that improves performance.

The importance of materials is decisive in the development of a sport concept, for this reason DAMB SPORTSWEAR focuses on the research of fabrics that give maximum performance in all situations of stress to which athletes are subjected from their disciplines.

Passion, attention to details, ad hoc development of technical-sports designs, this is DAMB SPORTSWEAR, a brand born for those who believe in sport.


*DAMB is a brand born from the passion for sport, it is specialized in production and manufacture of technical clothing for a variety of sport disciplines.

*DAMB believes that sport is one of the most powerful tools to build a society capable of competing fairly and raising motivated athletes who can act as actors in all sectors of society.

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