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Water bottles, how to choose them to promote your company?

You want to make a #gift that is #ecological, #cheap and very useful: with a water bottle you can meet all these three needs in only one gadget.

The #WaterBottle is that "small shatterproof container usually made of aluminium, with snap or thread hermetic closure, sometimes equipped with a lid that screws in or attaches to the mouth og the bottle and that serves as a glass, is used in outdoor sports and is part of the equipment military".

It has always been on the market but became more popular with the ecological emergency and the ban of disposable plastics (14 January 2022); the Water Bottle is one of the trend gadgets of recent years, but if I choose a water bottle as a tool to stay in the hearts of my customers, which one do I choose?

We always start from the reference #target, who your customers are, what age group they cover and how many they are, then your #budget and "last but not least" the #message you want to send, the claim that draws attention and remains in people’s heads.

To have some concrete reference we analyze below three types of water bottles produced:

Italian Red Cross Water Bottle

In this case, the bottle made of aluminium with snap hook, is among the most popular on the market; it has a low cost that allows you to widespread your message. Many can be produced at relatively little cost: useful for preserving any type of liquid but not the temperature, the snap hook allows for the bottle to be attached to a backpack or a belt and the screw cap protects from any unwanted leaks. The #claim is beautiful also for its intrinsic content.

Leonardo Water Bottle

Double layer stainless steel thermal water bottle. Capacity 500ml, anti-drip, in this case you change both the target and the expense, elegant and available in many colors, is a promotional object aimed at a customer who seeks perfection: a gift appreciated by those who receive it for its minimalist design, functionality and thermal material. It allows to maintain the temperature of the liquids for several hours.

IFAD Water Bottle

As an alternative to the steel water bottles, there are those in glass, like the one used in 2019, for the 25th anniversary of the IFAD foundation: a glass water bottle with a pouch in mixed jute material. The jute case gives the bottle an elegant and more natural look. With a capacity of 500 ml, you are well on your way to reach the recommended daily liquid intake. It is not suitable for carbonated drinks, but this does not diminish its communicative strength, it is just a small detail that must be explained to those who want to gift it.

The message of the gift is implicit, with its sheath in Jute, it immediately brings back respect for the environment to which can be added also a printed message; essentially, if you want to highlight the attention of your company to the environment, such a bottle is perfect.

These water bottles are only a little part of the whole, there are also those with a thousand facets, suitable for athletes, mothers with small children or sensitive walkers who love nature and respect it.

Water bottle with a timer to remember to take a pill, with built-in bluetooth case, water bottle that you compress to reduce the footprint when they are empty... finally, if you are a large company, a small business or an association, for the choice of a suitable gift to your target audience come into play many factors, but you should not be discouraged because companies like Stegip 4 Communication are specifically created to help you optimize your choices; we work hard to translate the needs of our customers in proposals that are targeted to your objectives.

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